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Bledi, is the Arabic word for my home. It is the feeling of being in balance and aligned with your true self, your life force, your spirit. Bledi evokes the landscape of my childhood memories. My family always embraced their roots. I could feel and taste the love they had for eachother in the music they sang from Umm Kuthum.

Tunisia was and will always be a sensorial experience; a cacophony of color, touch, smell, taste, and sounds. A synesthetic paradise for anyone who dares to get lost in it. I find inspiration in the traditional Arab architecture of all the MENA region.

Bledi introduces a cultural kaleidoscope to the eyewear space and captures my deep connection to Tunisia, where I’ve spent my best years and learned to love life and be free. This collection integrates the rich cultural heritage of my Tunisian roots with modern aesthetics and style