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Introducing the newest Nessy Khem collection in collaboration with former Digital Fashion and Features Director of Harper’s Bazaar, Kerry Pieri.

This creative endeavor was kismet as Kerry was a fan of Nessy before she became a collaborator. Kerry explains that she and Nessy bonded over their shared fascination with the spiritual world and in exploring the mysteries of the universe through practices such as meditation and journaling.

Both women were inspired by natural elements and the hues found in nature, resulting in the unique colorways in this collection.

The design of the sunglasses are made to be elegant in the simplicity of a high quality material. Each pair is matt with minimal hardware. Kerry chose her favorite styles from Nessy’s existing line and together they designed 3 new, exclusive colorways. The two women give a nod to the beauty and strains of life in New York City, the demands of the multi-hyphenate lives of women, and the general desire to look cool with ease. This collection is an ode to the women of New York.