Trend Alert: Sunglasses with Brown Lenses

Trend Alert: Sunglasses with Brown Lenses

Brown seems to be the color of the moment and is making its way throughout lots of fashion - everywhere from footwear to sunglasses. With its warm hues that brighten faces and unexpected neutral shade, brown is indeed a perfect choice for an on trend sunglasses purchase choice. Some brands having a brown lens moment include Moscot, Krewe, Ray Ban and us here at Nessy Khem. Whether it’s a light golden brown or a deep chocolate brown, this color is perfect now for summer and will also transition well into the fall. 

The Benefits of Brown

Brown frames are not just the trendy frame to reach for in 2022 if you are searching for luxury sunglasses from your favorite brands like Nessy Khem, Moscot, Krewe, Ray Ban and more. In fact there are also several benefits for your eye health when it comes to selecting brown. These health benefits include the following: Since brown accentuates red hues, they work well to help the wearer with depth perception. Sporting events like fishing, baseball, golf, hunting bicyling waterskiing, or running/exercise make great activities for wearing sunglasses with brown lenses. Also, if you plan to be out on the water or hiking brown lenses are the perfect shade to pick because they help reduce glare. Because they help contrast against green and blue, this is the pair to choose for any nature related activity. 

Because brown sunglasses are great for sunny conditions, this means that they will work great for bright, clear days ahead for the rest of the summer and fall. Sporting brown lenses in brighter conditions help to counteract the brightness of the environment, making it easier on the wearer’s eyes. 

Now that you know why brown lenses are actually beneficial to your eyesight, here are our favorite pairs of brown lens sunglasses.

Capuccin Transparent

This one of a kind frame is sure to make a statement. The smokey brown lenses also help to protect your eyes on sunny days and enhance visual clarity. The translucent frame, along with the NK logo and engraved temples truly make this a special pair that you will want to wear again and again.

Lemtosh Sun

These frames from Moscot are handmade in Italy and the tortoiseshell colorway features gorgeous deep brown lenses that are perfect for an everyday look. What makes these frames special is that the polarized lenses are designed to protect your eyes. This unisex style would look great on anyone.

Margot Quartz Polarized

Another stunning pair of sunglasses that features a brown lens is this pair from Krewe. The Margot frames are an oversized retro look that is the perfect look to choose if you want to make a statement. The amber lenses feature a gradient that make them easy to wear. They are also available to convert into prescription glasses if you have difficulty seeing. These frames are handcrafted in Italy and come with a lifetime warranty.

State Street

Make a statement with large brown tortoiseshell frames with a brown lens from Rayban. These state street frames can be worn at any time of the year if you want your eyewear to stand out. The chunky brown frames are totally on trend and the brown lenses offer a multitude of benefits. Choose this frame for a bold but timeless look.

Which pair of brown lenses is your favorite?