Quality Italian Sunglasses

Quality Italian Sunglasses

Italy is known as being a fashion center of the world. The majority of luxury goods that we love and use are made by Italians, and sunglasses are no exception. When it comes to purchasing the most luxury eyewear, look to brands that make their products in Italy. Why are Italian sunglasses known to have a reputation for durability, timelessness, and quality? Read on to find out about why the best sunglasses are made in Italy.


Sunglasses have been around for quite some time since the 18th century, and it’s believed that the first pair of glasses were created right in central Italy, most likely in Pisa, by about 1290. Since the country has four centuries of making eyewear, it’s no surprise that they have perfected their craft to be known as one of the best in the world. For many Italian sunglasses brands, the work has been in the family for many generations, leading to years and years of knowledge in constructing the best eyewear.

Depending on the scale and popularity of some companies like Ray-Ban, components of the sunglasses are in China, but then sent to Italian factories to assemble them into the quality sunglasses that you love. The “Made in Italy'' stamp ensures that the lenses are placed in the frames in Italy and the final touches on completing the construction of the glasses occurred in Italy. On the other hand, some companies may focus 100% of their production efforts right in Italy. If you are curious about a specific pair of sunglasses, you can check to see the exact practices of that brand.

Popular Regions

Throughout Italy, there are certain regions that are known for producing specific luxury goods. For example, Marche is known for producing shoes. The area of Veneto in Northern Italy near the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea and is known for producing world famous luxury sunglasses frames. It depends on the brand, but many are known to seek out factories in this area since they are famous for producing some of the most iconic sunglasses frames in the world. Here, you will find Italian eyewear that has been constructed to the highest standards.

Our Picks

Now that you know a bit about the history and quality of Italian sunglasses, here are our top three picks from Nessy Khem’s Bledi Collection of iconic sunglasses made right in Italy.

These gorgeous Jannah Bledi Frames are handcrafted in Italy by master artisans. The silhouette is named after the Islamic faith of paradise, with the eyewear style being the door of your soul. They are designed for those in pursuit of the extraordinary.

The Cappucin Frames from Nessy Khem are another example of gorgeous Italian craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated by other countries. This frame is certainly a special silhouette for our brand. The lightweight, narrow frame has been designed to deliver premium comfort and the templates have intricate hand engraving details that is inspired by the delicate latticework of moucharabieh windows that are typical in residences in North Africa and the Middle East. These special frames will not disappoint. 

The Italian craftsmanship is on display in the Khaltoum Bledi Frames from Nessy Khem. These frames are one of a kind, thanks to their unique design that  references arabesques found in the delicate lattice work of moucharabieh windows typical of residences in North Africa and the Middle East. The bold silhouette is handcrafted in Italy, and inspired by the Middle Eastern singer Umm Kulthum. These frames are universally flattering for every face shape and are sure to deliver premium comfort to the individual wearing them. The light catching reflective gold, filigree end pisces, and intricate detailing are some gorgeous features that make this frame truly a work of art.

As you can see, choosing sunglasses that are made in Italy will allow you to select some truly unique frames that you won’t find anywhere else. The intersection of craftsmanship, quality, and style is unique to sunglasses made in Italy.