5 Social Media Sunglasses Trends

5 Social Media Sunglasses Trends

Social media is filled with inspiration for style and fashion, and sunglasses trends are no exception when it comes to getting ideas for what to wear off of Instagram, TikTok, and other popular platforms. While it may be hard to make your way through the endless amounts of photos and opinions on what the popular trends are, we are here to help break down the most popular looks that you want to be paying attention to. Here are five top trends when it comes to sunglasses looks on social media and some of our favorite picks that fit these popular looks.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses like these ones from illesteva not only shield your eyes from harmful sun and bright lights but also are a really fun way to elevate your look. This unique reflective look certainly has made headway on social media as a stylish way to express yourself. This certain frame would look best on round and square-shaped faces.


Sport frames may be trendy, but you will certainly find them functional for all life has in store for you. Pick a pair of sport frames like these Sacha Black sunglasses from Nessy Khem. This square-shaped sunglasses silhouette will take you from the tennis court to the water to the mountains. And thanks to the detachable silver snake chain in black radiumthe functionality of these sunglasses becomes more enhanced for activities, and you won’t have to worry about losing this pair during your active endeavors.


A geometric sunglasses silhouette in a bold color is a social media double trend. The Jannah sunglasses in white from Nessy Khem are the perfect choice. This stunning silhouette is named after the Islamic faith of paradise and the geometric engraved details on temples make these sunglasses a true work on art. Designed for those in pursuit of the extraordinary. 

Cat Eye

If you love the social media trends but also want a classic style sunglass look that you can wear for years to come, consider trying the cat eye lens trend. While this style has been making a comeback on TikTok and Instagram, it has been around for awhile, making a smart investment piece. Choose a neutral color like these cat eye tortoiseshell frames from Moscot to be sure that this trendy piece stays classic in the future.

Your Own Unique Style!

Trends in social media gained popularity at the beginning due to people sharing unique looks that they truly felt their most comfortable in. These trendsetters became influencers thanks to their innovative style. Remember, above all else (and this can be hard when you are seeing so many “perfect” images) to appreciate your own unique style. When you stay true to yourself and feel confident, anything will look great! Visit Nessy Khem to shop all of our looks and pick out which one fits with your personal look.

Social media trends are ever-changing, which is what makes fashion so fun to begin with. We are always inspired by classic looks, but finding new ideas on social media is certainly a fun way to experiment with new trends you may not have considered otherwise. Which sunglasses trends on social media are you currently inspired by?