Why The Best Sunglasses are Made in Japan

Why The Best Sunglasses are Made in Japan

If you are in the market for a new pair of luxury sunglasses, doing your research first is important. You may have a certain idea in mind for the style and color that you are looking for, but it’s also important to consider where the sunglasses are made. Just like clothing garments, quality sunglasses garments that can withstand the test of time are typically handmade in small batches, and certain countries have better reputations for their quality control. Italy has a longstanding reputation as being a leader in sunglasses production, but Japan is the new up-and-coming country for producing the highest quality eyewear. Learn more about why the best sunglasses are made in Japan and how to pick the perfect pair.


Japan has been making sunglasses for about 100 years, but it was not until about 30 years ago that this country really became a leader in production. Thanks to the innovation in using titanium for frames, did Japan really come to the forefront of luxury eyewear production. In fact, the Fukui Prefecture, where many of the sunglasses are made, is home to a huge number of people who work in the sunglasses industry. The city of Sabae is extremely well known for its quality luxury eyewear using products that will withstand the test of time and where Nessy Khem first introduced her sunglasses. These include things like high-quality acetate, premium lens materials, and extreme attention to detail on the frames. 

Amount Produced

Another draw of choosing made in Japan sunglasses is that this country makes much smaller batches than its competitors in Italy or China. While the production volume is smaller, this allows the Japanese factories to focus on detail and special additions that may not be possible to produce in larger volumes. This is why Japan is the best choice for premium sunglasses brands like Nessy Khem because it guarantees a high level of craftsmanship with each pair made.

Our Picks

Now that you know a bit about the advantages of purchasing your next luxury sunglasses from a brand that produces them in Japan, here are our top three picks of companies that make the most noteworthy pairs of eyewear.

Nessy Khem Vaganza Collection

The Vaganza Collection from Nessy Khem certainly embodies the attention to detail that can be achieved by making sunglasses in Japanese factories. The gorgeous details on the evil eye chains as well as the stainless steel material for this pair of Dennis sunglasses in Tangerine is a perfect example of the quality of Japanese-made sunglasses.

Jacques Marie Mage Last Frontier Collection

Another special and unique collection of sunglasses is from the luxury eyewear company Jacques Marie Mage. This collection features intricate beading on the frames and high-quality materials that are handcrafted in Japan.

Matsuda Sunglasses

Matsuda is known for its small-batch sunglasses handcrafted in Japan. Extreme attention to detail and Japanese acetate materials mean high-quality, unique sunglasses that you simply won’t find anywhere else. This pair of classic rectangular lenses are a must-have style.

As you can see, choosing sunglasses that are made in Japan have plenty of benefits, including premium materials and special details. We know you won’t be disappointed in selecting a Japanese-made pair of sunglasses for your next eyewear purchase.