Oversized Sunglasses - A Timeless Silhouette

Oversized Sunglasses - A Timeless Silhouette

With all the new and different sunglasses silhouettes you have seen lately, the thought may have crossed your mind that oversized sunglasses may be out of style. Call it maximalism or the effects of the pandemic, but oversized glasses frames are, in fact, very much on trend. From young adults to the elderly, people of all age groups love to wear these oversized glasses. While some wear these glasses just for fashion, others wear oversized prescription glasses. Not only do big sunglasses look good, but there are other benefits to wearing this style that you may not realize. 

Oversized Frame Benefits

Covering more of your face helps with sun protection. And these large lenses do a good job of eliminating glare from things like water, snow, and other bright surfaces. Furthermore, oversized frames have a way of making eyes look larger and more expressive. This technique has been used in celebrities' looks as well as others who want to either hide their identities or increase their cool factor. David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, and Jennifer Anniston have all made oversized glasses look great with their signature looks in their films (Bowie in the Man Who Fell to Earth), fashion appearances (Monroe’s iconic oversized cat-eye look), and street style (Jennifer Aniston’s various casual chic looks) respectively. 

If these reasons are not enough to pick a pair of oversized frames the next time you are getting ready, here are some of our favorite looks for a big, bold statement.

Red Lenses

In the mood to make a statement with your eyewear? The Dennis Star Cruisers in Red Moon is the look for you to choose. These gorgeous shades feature a bright red lens that will definitely get you noticed. The versatile, classic square shape means that this silhouette will flatter most face shapes, making it an easy choice. If you want to get noticed with a pair of oversized frames, along with a statement lens color, this is without a doubt the pair of sunglasses for you.

Round Oversized

The Salomé silhouette in smokey blue from Nessy Khem is our efforts on a redefined oversized round sunglasses look. These sunglasses, handcrafted in Japan, are made from 24 karat gold, silver, and black coated stainless steel. The smokey blue lenses are not only stunning in person, but they offer 100% UVA-UVB protection. These gorgeous frames are not only the pair to choose to accentuate your elegance, but their functionality will never compromise your unique style.

Classic Black

When it comes to fashion in 2022, the bigger, the better! These frames from Gentle Monster are no exception. These large, monochromatic black lenses make a statement that you are not afraid to wear something bold when it comes to eyewear choices. You will certainly have this pair of special lenses on high rotation in your outfits for quite some time, thanks to its timeless look. These two black options from Nessy Khem (the Salomé and the Dennis) are also excellent classic black oversized frame choices. 

Gold Frames

Don’t love the look of a large, heavy lens? These Nessy Khem frames are for you. The oversized silhouette is still achieved, but you have light smokey brown lenses and a minimalistic frame with this look. Let the other parts of your outfit take the spotlight while still sporting this fun, oversized look. 

Bright Frames

Our Nessy Khem Dennis frames in a bright tangerine/orange hue are the sunglasses for you if you love a bold, square, oversized frame look. The tangerine color is unique when it comes to sunglasses, reminding you to enjoy the colorful vibe of summer and classic enough to match any sort of look. Plus, the style comes with a detachable evil eye chain in your choice of color to make these statement shades stand out. We love these oversized frames paired with a variety of different looks. The Dennis Star Cruiser Collection is known for enhancing the lenses with radiant colors unique to Nessy Khem inspired evening electronic music scene. From glamorous evenings to glorious nights out, they will go only with you, a curator of style.

Which oversized sunglasses look is your favorite? Do you prefer a classic black or a bright, bold orange hue? No matter your preference, there are many great options to shop the oversized sunglasses look at Nessy Khem.