What are CR-39 Sunglasses Lenses and Why You Need Them

What are CR-39 Sunglasses Lenses and Why You Need Them

Shopping for sunglasses can mean different things to different people. On the one hand, you may be the type of person who is looking for fashion and trendy lenses. An inexpensive, plastic pair of lenses that will only be worn a few times might fit the bill in this situation. On the other hand, someone may be searching for all the bells and whistles for their lenses - polarized with UVA/UVB protection to protect them from the sun. But, then, there are many people between these two extremes who would like a little bit of both. At Nessy Khem, we prefer to use high-grade CR-39 lenses. Here is everything you should know about these types of lenses.

What are CR-39 Lenses?

CR-39 lens is an abbreviation for "Columbia Resin #39". Developed in 1940, this resin revolutionized the sunglasses industry because it mimics the quality of glass without the downside. Lighter than glass but far less likely to shatter, CR-39 lenses offer the best of both worlds. Furthermore, anyone who has worn CR-39 sunglass lenses before will know that the optical quality of these lenses is just as clear as glass, meaning that you won't have blurry vision or difficulty seeing when you wear these frames.

For a classic black frame with these beautiful lenses, try our Dennis frame Smokey Black which looks great on both men and women.

Why Not Use Glass?

As it turns out, glass is the superior lens material for optical quality. However, glass lenses have a lot of downsides when it comes to choosing the best material for your sunglasses. For one, glass lenses break incredibly easily, making them a safety hazard for anyone wearing them. Have you ever heard of the saying "coke bottle glasses"? This term refers to incredibly thick lenses, which you get when using real glass. CR-39 lenses have the same visibility/clarity as real glass but are much more resilient and slim. This means that they are an excellent choice instead of glass.

These Cappucin frames in yellow showcase a unique sunglasses frame style but with versatile, slim lenses. The gray color means enhanced visibility, so you won't miss a moment wearing these beautiful frames.

What About Eye Protection?

Nessy Khem's sunglasses use CR-39 lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection from the sun. This means that your eyes will be protected from harmful UV radiation that comes from the sun, which can result in health problems down the road. So, you can rest assured when you wear a pair of Nessy Khem sunglasses that you will not only look fabulous, but the CR-39 lenses are also protecting your eyes and the delicate skin around them.

Our Jannah frames in white are an example of a truly special frame featuring these lenses. The intricate details on the side complement these special lenses with further anti-glare (AG) or anti-reflective (AR) lens coatings.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of choosing sunglasses with CR-39 lenses include that they are more cost-effective than other polycarbonate options. CR-39 lenses are also better at absorbing light, essential to maintaining good eye health.

When it comes to sunglasses, all parts are important, but the lenses hold the key to your eye health, vision, and overall positive experience wearing the frames. We have selected the highest quality CR-39 lenses for all of our frames, resulting in a beautiful product that is also designed to protect.