Best Women’s Sunglasses to Try in 2022

Best Women’s Sunglasses to Try in 2022

April 2022

Spending time outdoors has certainly become more of a trend in recent years, so having the appropriate accessories is necessary. Sunglasses that are both functional and attractive will create a cohesive look to any outfit, whether it’s simply running errands or attending a daytime event. Here, we share the best women's sunglasses to try in 2022. Add a pair or two to your collection now and wear them for years to come.

Subtle Geometric Frames

A ever so slight geometric metal frame is a fun new style for 2022 that can be repeated for years to come. We love this frame by Matsuda because at first, it looks like a typical pair of metal framed sunglasses. On second glance, you can see the angles at the bottom of the frame. If you are someone who likes trendy styles, but also wants the appeal of a classic shape, this pair definitely fits the bill.

Bold Geometric Frames

Searching for something a bit more daring and trendy? This bold pair from Port Tanger is a great choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. The frames and lenses come in several different colors, so you can mix and match to find your favorite look. These are certainly a great option for the trendiest of shoppers who want to make a statement with their sunglasses selections.

Unexpected Colors

Straying away from the typical black or brown frame colors, while also sticking with a classic frame is a new way to wear sunglasses. These Nessy Khem Dennis sunglasses in navy achieve just that. They are made even more special with the detachable evil eye chain that can be customized to your liking. This versatile shape will certainly be worn and loved for a long time.

Clear Tinted

In addition to unexpected colors, an emerging trend in sunglasses is a clear acetate frame with a slight tint of color. These gorgeous violet frames from Gentle Monster demonstrate this trend perfectly. The wide front of the frame is also an unexpected choice that will be sure to turn heads and make everyone ask where you purchased your new sunglasses.

Round Lenses

An ode to the 70’s, round lenses are back and trendier than ever, while also being a classic choice that will flatter any face shape. These round smokey blue Sacha Frames from Nessy Khem are a bit elevated with the sporty detachable chain. Add these to your collection now to feel very on trend, but also know that you will also be able to wear them for many different seasons and occasions.

Polarized Lenses

Protecting your eyes with polarized lenses is something that you want to consider in any sunglasses purchase. The Classic Aviator from Ray Ban is a sunglass style that everybody has probably worn at some point. Choosing this frame will never go out of style and the polarized frames mean that your eyes will receive important protection every time you wear them.

Every woman should have a trusty pair of sunglasses that she feels good wearing, but also having a new pair of eyewear to reflect the changing styles is important too. Which style is your favorite?