Unisex Sunglasses Trends for Spring and Summer 2022

April 2022

The best type of sunglasses are the ones that flatter every face. If you’re shopping for a friend or loved one, choosing a style that looks good on anyone is an important part of making sure you’re getting the best gift. Or, if you just love to borrow your significant other’s shades, make sure they have a pair that will compliment both of your facial shapes. For this reason, unisex sunglasses trends for Spring and Summer 2022 are making a splash amongst trendsetters. If you want to shy away from the super masculine or very feminine silhouettes of sunglasses past, try these fresh ideas instead.

Stainless Steel

One way to make sure that your unisex sunglasses withstand multiple people wearing them is to choose a study materials for your frames. The Nessy Khem Salomé frames in green lenses flatter both men and women and will hold up to the elements thanks to their sturdy frames. These sunglasses are a cult favorite and it’s no wonder why - they are a unique pair of glasses with an oversized frame that will elevate any look.

Rectangular Frames

A bold brushed black rectangular frame helps you get a strong feature with your eyewear choice, while also recognizing a modern style. The silhouette of this pair would flatter your face shape and look good on men and women alike. We like this pair because it’s incredibly sturdy, meaning you can wear these for all sorts of activities and they will hold up against the test of time.

Colorful Lenses

The colorful lens trend is a fun way to bring color to your look if you typically love a more monochromatic pair of sunglasses. With these Nessy Khem Dennis Star Cruisers in Sunset, any outfit instantly gets elevated, thanks to their stunning red/orange frames and functional chain to keep your glasses safe. This pair would be the perfect accessory for an upcoming day at the beach with family and friends.

Wire Frames

Ray-Bans are synonymous with gender neutral wire frame sunglasses that look good on any face shape. This pair catches our eye thanks to the trendy lens colors. When it comes to sunglasses like these, they really can be shared amongst men and women. The only issue is you may need multiple pairs if you and your significant other want to wear them at the same time (which you probably will!).

Interesting Shapes

For the most bold, choosing a geometric shape for your sunglasses is an unexpected way to elevate your look. The Nessy Khem Capuccin Navy sunglasses can be worn by men and women and will flatter a variety of personal styles. These sunglasses are truly a work of art with the intricate details along the temples and a special silhouette for our brand.

Clear Frames

Crystal clear frames have been around for awhile as a popular sunglasses trend, but we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to their minimal look, you can really get creative with the shape of the silhouette for these sunglasses. When going clear, we prefer a simple rounded frame like these ones from Oliver Peoples.

Metallic Frames

A subtle metallic frame is a perfect choice for unisex sunglasses trends since it can be worn by just about anyone. These Nessy Khem Dennis Frames in smokey brown 24kr plated gold fit the bill if you are searching for a new neutral colored pair of sunglasses while also wanting the elegance of a primary fashion color - GOLD. Furthermore, the classic square shape of these sunglasses is one of the most universally flattering shapes out there. The chain is an added feature to make sure your new favorite pair never gets lost.


A class aviator look for men and women is making its way back into unisex sunglasses trends for spring and summer 2022. To dip your toes into this trend, try a simple frame color like all black, as featured in the Sacha frames from the Nessy Khem Vangaza collection. This pair of functional eyewear is the perfect look for men and women.

Which is your favorite unisex suglasses trend for spring and summer 2022? With the warm weather right around the corner, pick your favorite now before they are all gone!