From Nesrine Khemiri to Nessy Khem

From Nesrine Khemiri to Nessy Khem

March 2022

Nessy Khem is the culmination of the many journeys Nesrine Khemri embarked upon years ago. It is her response to a calling to transform memories - fragments of time and space - into signature, everlasting eyewear styles. Nessy Khem is Nesrine’s ultimate creative expression of all which encompasses eclecticism: a search for freedom and transformation through self-awareness.

Nesrine is constantly inspired by the abundance of sounds, textures, shapes, and tastes that make the experience of being human exquisitely vibrant and excitingly rare. Each Nessy Khem sunglass style embodies a fusion of emotions ignited by colorful sunsets and magnificent sunrises. Each piece is a testament to the human urge for authentic self-expression: a statement about the process of detachment from the need to conform.  

Prior to founding Nessy Khem, Nesrine traveled the globe, absorbing the infinite mystery, beauty and chaos of the world around her. As a result, Nesrine became a curator of mood and inspiration, forever enriching her Tunisian, Moroccan, and French background with  a combination of elements that translate her unique personal journey into luxurious eyewear pieces made for anyone who is also brave enough to live life on their own terms.


Nessy Khem - What brought her to this mix?

A person’s name is an extension of who they are: It contains parts of their heritage and their ancestors’ dreams. The Arabic meaning of the word Nesrine is ‘wild rose’ or ‘field of wildflowers.: It evokes glamour, seduction, enthusiasm and adaptability.

As Nesrine Khemri traveled from one place to another, she realized that most westerners struggle to pronounce her name properly. Refusing to have the power of her name reduced by other people’s mispronunciation, Nesrine Khemri decided to create a new identity for herself, which inspired her to come up with the name Nessy Khem –a radical act of self-definition. While living in New York City, Nesrine had  the opportunity to explore the identity she sought to create for herself as she evolved into a creative woman with an eccentric and all encompassing style. In this process, Nesrine’s childhood memories and rich cultural heritage have always reminded her of her roots.  Like the brand, her pseudonym is the product of an intentional process that combines Nesrine’s eclectic style, the search for freedom, and the power of personal transformation through self-discovery.