Unisex Non-Binary Sunglasses for Everyone

Unisex Non-Binary Sunglasses for Everyone

Nessy Khem is a luxury sunglasses brand for everyone. So whether you prefer unisex styles, which are sunglasses suitable for any sex or gender, or are looking for a pair of non-binary sunglasses (a style that does not fit on the male/female binary spectrum), there is something special for you.

Our all-inclusive sunglasses styles are gender fluid and complement masculine, feminine, and non-binary facial features. As androgynous fashion becomes more accepted, along with the gender-bending norms that fashion loves to embrace, being a sunglasses brand for everyone is an important pillar of Nessy Khem’s brand identity. We believe that fashion should be gender-free, and people should wear whatever makes them feel good. Here, we share our top four picks for unisex, non-binary sunglasses that anyone can wear, as demonstrated through famous faces.

Some non-binary celebrities have made headlines with their choice of sunglasses. Audrey Hepburn is known for her iconic cat eye sunglasses that have stayed a classic wardrobe staple since her popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s. This pair of Black Khaltoum designer sunglasses Nessy Khem will never go out of style.

Another popular non-binary look when it comes to celebrity eyewear is Anna Wintour. Her heavy, black sunglasses have become a staple to her signature look from the late 1990s until present day. These sunglasses also compliment the facial features of many different people and can be worn as either a unisex or non-binary sunglasses style. To shop a similar look from Nessy Khem, the Dennis Smokey Black would be a perfect look.

Billy Porter is another example to showcase the ways to wear non-binary sunglasses. Bold embellishments and playful frame shapes are a way to experiment with your look and get noticed. The Khaltoum Mother of Pearl from Nessy Khem is the perfect example of a bold style that will make an impression.

Finally, Brad Pitt is known for his stylish sunglasses choices on and off the red carpet. His signature aviators with colored lenses have graced movie premiers for the past 30 years and are still in style. These classic square shaped Dennis Star Cruisers in Flash from Nessy Khem are reminiscent of Brad Pitt’s timeless non-binary style.

At Nessy Khem, we strive to be inclusive of anyone and everyone. Our unisex, non-binary sunglasses are designed with this philosophy in mind. Which ones are your favorite?