How to Choose Different Sunglasses for Face Shapes

How to Choose Different Sunglasses for Face Shapes

May 2022

Have you ever gone shopping for a new pair of sunglasses and found that you can’t find the right look? Believe it or not, there is a science for choosing the right sunglasses for face shapes. Here, you can learn what defines the most common face shapes and which sunglasses styles will compliment them the most.

Oblong Shaped Face

People with oblong-shaped faces have long, narrow faces that do that very much in width. Since the width of your face is relatively uniform, you can opt for sunglasses that make a statement. Choose wide frames or even frames that wrap the face to make your face shape have a bit more definition. Gorgeous statement frames will also look great on you. The Nessy Khem Dennis Star Cruiser frames with sunset-colored lenses are a top choice for oblong-shaped faces.

Oval Shaped Face

Oval-shaped faces are the most common type of face shape amongst men and women. They are similar to oblong faces in that they are long and narrow. However, you know you have an oval-shaped face if your face's left and right sides are a bit wider than the top and bottom. And, if you have an oval-shaped face, the good news is that pretty much any type of sunglasses for face shapes will compliment you. In addition, individuals with oval-shaped faces can go bold with a statement frame like the Nessy Khem Jannah sunglasses in black.

Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, you will have a significantly wider forehead and cheekbones and a more narrow chin, similar to how a heart is shaped. For this face shape, opt for a classic cat eye frame or even round sunglasses to balance out a wider top half and narrower bottom half. Avoid any overly embellished frame, since this can draw more attention to the wider part of your face. The Nessy Khem simple Salomé frames in green are minimalistic in their design and will look fantastic on those with a heart-shaped face. 

Square Shaped Face

People with a square-shaped face will share similar characteristics to those with a heart-shaped face. However, your face's lower half will be more proportionate to the top half. Like those with heart-shaped faces, cat eye and round sunglasses frames will also compliment your face. Avoid anything geometric, as these lenses can tend to accentuate the angles that you already have in your face, resulting in a slightly too severe look. The Nessy Khem Khaltoum sunglasses in tortoise are a lovely frame that will help to balance out a heart-shaped face.

Round Shaped Face

A round-shaped face means you have full cheekbones with a narrow forehead and jaw. When you look in the mirror, you see that your face is more circular than long or square. If you have a round face, choose the opposite-shaped sunglasses. For example, wide, rectangular frames complement a round face shape. On the other hand, avoid anything that will make your face appear more round. This means staying away from round lenses. For round-shaped faces, we recommend the classic Dennis Smokey Brown square frame that will balance out the fullness of your face.

Have you ever considered your unique face shape when buying sunglasses? If not, we hope you find this guide helpful for choosing your next pair of luxury eyewear from Nessy Khem.